Parish of The English Martyrs

One Family Parish
OUR PARISH PRIEST Fr Basil Postlethwaite Born in Warrington, Cheshire. He joined the Benedictine Order at Ampleforth Abbey and was given the name Basil. Educated in Manchester and Oxford. Ordained December 3rd 1983. Fr Basil’ came to our parish  Saturday 21st Dec. 2013. Celebrating the evening Mass at St Joseph’s Ilminster.
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How to find us Click HERE for the locations of our three churches. All are welcome to come to any of our Masses, and be part of our community. we look forward to your presence among us.
The English Martyrs (Presbytery) 2 East Street, Chard, Somerset, TA20 1EP
Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time 23rd July 2017 Saturday 22nd July.  5.30pm. Mass at St Joseph's, Ilminster. Vigil. Sunday 23rd July. 9.00am Mass at St Peter’s, Crewkerne. 11.00am. Mass at The English Martyrs, Chard.
The English Martyrs, St Joseph’s and St Peter’s
OUR MISSION We, the Roman Catholic Parish of The English Martyrs. Three Places of Worship, One Family Parish. Our aim to Worship God, Love each other, Serve the community and Pray for the Power of the Holy Spirit to transform lives In the name of Jesus Christ.
Parish Groups SVP (Society of St Vincent de Paul) The Catholic Ladies' Guild, The Book Club, Men’s Group, Monthly Coffee Morning, Coffee after Sunday Mass.
THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK The Kingdom of heaven. Fr Basil Jesus continues with the theme of sowing in the gospel this week, and He faces up to the fact that both good and evil exist alongside each other in the world. He reminds us that we have clear choices about the way that we live and how we allow ourselves to be influenced in daily life. We must pray for the insight of God’s Holy Spirit to guide us in our choices. Turning to the Kingdom of heaven, Jesus acknowledges that this begins in very small ways. If we cooperate in God’s plan then we can become instruments helping the Kingdom to ‘beak through’ in our world. Jesus’ closing words are for each one of us: ‘Listen, anyone who has ears.
St Martha  All Saints' Convent chapel, Oxford By kind permission, Fr. Lawrence Lew O.P. Lawrence OP's photo-stream - HERE
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Fr Lawrence’s Window